What we do

Caribbean Governance Training Institute

The Caribbean Governance Training Institute leverages the insights of governance experts to tackle the fundamental issues surrounding the governance of local Caribbean Organisations.

Key takeaways from attending our programs


The Caribbean Governance Training Institute’s Chartered Director Program is a dynamic program focusing on the role of Board members in driving and sustaining the success of their Caribbean Organisations. The program provides Board members of Caribbean Organisations with the framework to effectively execute their organisation’s strategy, develop talent, enhance their organisation’s performance—and position it for long term success.

An important outcome for participants is the development of a strong network of peers – Caribbean Organisation “governors” who share similar responsibilities and experiences and who routinely confront contemporary governance issues. The Chartered Director Program is an essential resource for Board Members of Caribbean organizations who want to grasp the nuances of Caribbean Organization governance. Sessions provide a highly interactive forum for candid, off-the-record dialogue about Caribbean Organisation Governance and real-world challenges.

Who Should Attend?