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Risk Committee Certification Jan 2020


Excellent course especially for the Board of Directors as it is critical to know risk roles and responsibilities and key information about ERM and how it can be tailored to your organization and improve your governance duties and decision-making process.

Winston Laville, Treasurer of BOD, St. John's Cooperative Credit Union, Antigua
A Vital Corporate Governance Tool

Risks are everywhere and can threaten the life of viability of a company or organization. Risk Management needs to be higher up on the agenda for Caribbean companies, which are inherently small and therefore more exposed to risk as well as being less capable of adequate and timely response. This certification program is a vital corporate governance tool.

Colin Murdoch, Ambassador, Office of the Prime Minister, Antigua and Barbuda

The information learned was very informative. I was particularly interested in reputational risk and the role of the Chief Risk Officer. Great Program. I will certainly promote the program

Beverly Airall, Assistant Financial Secretary, Government of Antigua & Barbuda,Antigua

This program is very important for executives to recognize the risk component in all enterprise and the need to be risk aware but not risk averse and to be ready to rapidly respond and manage risk for the benefit of all stakeholders.

Howard McEachrane, Non Executive Director, ECAB, Antigua
Good Reminder!

A good reminder on the importance of Governance. A good listing of the risks and the importance of monitoring.

Cornel Hughes, Director, CIP, Antigua

Financial Literacy Program Feb 2020

Financial Statements tell a story.

Financial Statements tell a story. Directors must be able to read that story. Mr. Sehl ~Financial Literacy Course Leader~ provides the requisite insights for one to understand the financial statements and do in depth analysis.

Ernie France, Director, TDC Group, Saint Kitts & Nevis
Very Productive

The course was a very productive and informative. A substantial amount of knowledge was gained.

Maricel Pickering, Junior Accounts Officer, National Bank of the Virgin Islands, British Virgin Islands
Good Refresher

With automated systems and google, alot of information reviewed during session would only happen on demand. This was a good refresher and learnt new perspectives as a student of Accounting.

Akela Joshua Warner, Accountant, Ocean's Edge Resort, St. Kitts
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