Board Evaluations: The ‘Touchiest Subject’ in Corporate Governance


‍“It’s a given today that good corporate governance begins with good directors. And in a previous article I talked about how the first step in making this happen is finding and recruiting directors who have the right competencies and mix of skills that will serve both the current and longer term best interests of their organization. This requires finding those who demonstrate excellent business thinking and ethical judgment; who provide both foresight and insight; and who command respect as effective role models, management teachers and counsellors. It’s not always easy but with patience and diligence it can be done.

So now, let’s say, you think you have such a board. One that you are convinced is made up of the “right stuff”. In fact, with such experienced and capable people at the table, you’d expect most boards would be “smokin”. Yet your organization’s performance is waning or lackluster and that’s not supposed to happen when you have a first class board made up of thoroughbred directors. Accordingly, you wonder aloud: “Am I getting full value from my board and from each of my directors? Is my board an asset or a necessary evil?”…

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