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Chartered Director - Melissa Prospere

I enjoyed this course from beginning to end. Dr. Bart was engaging and thorough with explaining the material. The material was not easy to digest but the challenge was satisfying. I would recommend this course any day, it is one of many that motivates you to put all that you’ve learn into play. This course changes your outlook on Governance and gives you the required tools to be effective and efficient on any board.

Melissa Prospere, Compliance / Money Laundering Officer, Bordier Bank (TCI) LTD., Turks & Caicos Islands
Chartered Director - Judith Veira

A wealth of Governance and related information was presented clearly, the Program was well structured, and in such a manner that all Delegates were fully engaged. There is no doubt that the Program will serve to improve my skills as a Director.

Judith Veira, Director, Bank of St. Vincent & the Grenadines, St. Vincent & the Grenedines
Chartered Director - Spencer Thomas

A highly recommended Program which reinforced the fundamental Principles and Best Practices for Good Corporate Governance. Enjoyable, highly beneficial, deep and insightful, a critical and necessary Program for a Director especially in these challenging times.

Spencer Thomas, Chairman, NTRC, Grenada
Chartered Director - Antoinette Russell

An excellent program that provides and reinforces the importance of accountability, know how and application of the Roles and Responsibility of being appointed a Director.

Antoinette Russell, Director, Credit Suisse Trust Limited, Bahamas
Chartered Director - Omar Davis

Due to some challenges occasioned by the Covid -19 pandemic, I almost withdrew from the June 2020 Chartered Director Online Program. The training received during this online program was timely, focused, inspiring, and would facilitate in adding value as a Director. I am glad that I made the sacrifice to attend all the sessions notwithstanding my challenges. Organizations and Directors should make participation at this and similar Governance training programs a HIGH priority in the quest to succeed in the rapidly changing environment.

Omar Davis, Director, Bank of St. Vincent & The Grenadines, St. Vincent & The Grenadines
Chartered Director - Keren Gilead

The Chartered Director on line program was of a very high standard. The information gleaned prove to be very Educational, Informative and Useful. The method of delivery used by the facilitator was excellent. In addition, it was an eye opener and gave me a clearer understanding of Good Governance, and the Roles and Responsibilities of the Board, Directors and Management in fulfilling the mandate of the various Stakeholders.

Keren Gilead, Director, State insurance Co.Ltd, Antigua
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