Caribbean Governance Training Institute Has Full Schedule For 2016

Kenny Anthony (left) with Dr. Chris Bart (right)

Where the governance of a company is concerned, there is no more crucial human resource investment than training the Board, says Lisa Charles, CEO and co-founder of the Saint Lucia-based Caribbean Governance Training Institute (CGTI), which continues to grow in strength and reputation after almost two years of offering board governance training to organisations in the Caribbean.

In November, CGTI conducted its latest program in St. Vincent, and once again welcomed top executives from national banks and other large companies to participate in the unique 3 Day Chartered Director Program. The Chartered Director or C.Dir is an international designation which involves an optional

With training budgets hard to come by, it is a credit to CGTI’s vision that Caribbean organisations are showing commitment to strengthening the effectiveness of their boards, and Lisa Charles says the penny is dropping

Since the spectacular implosion of big banks and PR disasters of big oil, it has become clear that an ineffective board can break any organisation, and as the old adage says, the buck stops at the top….

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