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In-House Programs

St. Lucia Government Chartered Director Training

It inspired us to start a board...

I attended a Corporate Governance Training seminar with our Chairman in St. Lucia in early 2014. It inspired us to start a board and self-evaluation process of our board and to start a conservation about corporate governance and risk management. I am pleased today that the remainder of our board have joined our Chairman and myself and completed this more advanced version of director training. We are all leaving refreshed and full of ideas to improve our board functions

Oswald Simons, Turks and Caicos, Deputy Chairman Financial Services Commission

A very intensive engaging and well researched and documented training course concentrating on the core issues enhancing personal knowledge

Anton J.B Faessler, President , Turks & Caicos Banking Co. Ltd.
Relevant and concise

The Corporate Governance Program has really provided me with the information, knowledge and skill needed to perform my duties. It has been an intense three days but the information has been relevant and concise. It has highlighted the role responsibility, liability and expectation required of me. Thank you for the tools to now move ahead and perform in my role. Appreciate the many exhibits, books and resources provided so that I don’t have to wonder in the dark.

Millicent Grant, Senior Manager, Integra Services Ltd
I personally recommend

Presentation was enlightened as it highlighted key points of good governance and raised significant awareness and liability risks to boards that may I am certain are unaware of including their rights and obligations. The delivery and insight is commendable. I personally recommend that all Board of Directors should mandatorily undergo this training.

Darika Talbot, Turks & Caicos Ministry of Finance
Inspired me to become more vigilant

This program has really inspired me to become more vigilant about the things that are going on in my organization. The faculty was very knowledgeable and the material they presented was comprehensive. I truly enjoyed the experience and it is something I would do again in the future

Stania Ingraham, Board Secretary, National Health Insurance Board
This training also encouraged me

This training has been very timely and essential. As a result of this training our focus will be on a strategic point of view for our Agenda. This training also encouraged me to stay on the board as there were times I considering resigning.

Drexwell Seymour, Chairman, National Health Insurance Board, Turks & Caicos
Covered a broad range of topics

Covered a broad range of topics in an intelligible and engaging manner. Remarkably, made updating best practice in Corporate Governance Accessible

Paul Dempsey, Partner, Dempsey & Company Turks & Caicos

Eastern Caribbean Central Bank

Empowering and Energizing!

We need to continue to invest in this capacity, building for the benefit of our institutions, region and above all the people we serve.

Timothy Antoine, Governor, Eastern Caribbean Central Bank (Chairman of the Board)

Excellent Course for Directors and Senior staff of an organization

Ingrid O'loughlin, Senior Director, ECCB St Kitts
The programme was outstanding

The facilitators were successfully able to take those relevant subject areas and make them exciting and interesting. The Knowledge gained during the course will significantly help me in understanding the role and duties of Directors and also will hlep me with improving the support which I will give to the CEO and Board.

Yvonne Jean-Smith, Director, Support Services Management Department, ECCB St Kitts
The Course was great

The presenters had great understanding of the subject areas and facilitated them excellently. They provided practical and relevant scenarios for discussion. I personally gained knowledge and pratical ways to approach issues at the Board level.

John Skerritt, Director, ECCB St. Kitts

Skills every board director should have before accepting board membership

Maria Cumberbatch, Director, ECCB St. Kitts
Delivered on its objectives

The 3 Day program delivered on its key objectives. The program certainly provides directors with the governance tools required to excel in the boardroom.

Senator Samuel, Director, ECCB St. Kitts

Sandals Resorts International Chartered Director Program

Best Corporate Training Course

This is the best most practical, immediately effective corporate training course I have ever attended. In addition to its welcome focus on the red line between Management & Government "steering". Very useful for even experienced Directors, it covered other key areas critical to business success at an MBA level.

Keith Collister, Chairman of the ATL Pension Fund, Sandals Resort International
Excellent Program

Excellent Program and highly recommended for any Director serving on a Board

Ryan Terrier, VP Operations, Island Routes Caribbean Adventures
Oustanding Course

This Course was outstanding. I would recommend it to all directors of companies who want to better understand their responsibilities and legal responsibilities on a Board.

Dan Smith, VP Sandals Resorts International
Professionally Executed

The training was professionally executed by the presenters techniques and materials provided. I am sure with the knowledge gained we will be able to push our company to a position of better governance and ultimately sustained profitability which will allow the Caribbean to continue to flourish.

Andre Dhanpaul, Regional Director, Sandals Resort International
This Course is a MUST!

This course is a MUST for any company that has directors and is interested in their being able to really be equipped to do their job. The material and delivery of the course material was excellent!

Joanne Pearson, Director of Corporate Reporting, Sandals Resorts International
Absolutely Essential Course

This is an absolutely essential course for all Senior Managers & potential Board Directors. It outlines the responsibilities of Directors and clearly distinguishes between Directors' and Manager's functions and responsibilities. Risk assessment was covered with very meaningful ways of assessing risk leading to effective decision making.

David Roper, Director of Industry Relations, Sandals Resorts International

The content and presentation was fantastic

Gary C. Saddler, Sr. VP of Sales, Unique Vacations (USA)
Great Program

A Great Program well resourced, well thought through, well presented & totally relevant.

Jeremy Jones, Director of Corporate Services, Sandals Resorts International
Powerful Program

A powerful program, delivered by truly qualified presenters. Each session was information filled, relevant & was balanced between the requirements of regulations and most importantly the challenges faced by Directors in the real world. I could not have been more pleased with our selection of CGTI to deliver the session to our team. THANK YOU!

Wayne Cummings, Director of Business Processes & Administration, Sandals Resorts International
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