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Annual Corporate Governance Conference

4th Annual Caribbean Corporate Governance Conference

Provided Comprehensive Overview!

This conference provided a very comprehensive overview of the key issues relative to the responsibility of an organization's Audit Committee. Presenters focused on the relationship with the Internal and External Auditors, while highlighting the risk management process and the importance of identifying risk appetite within the context of organizational culture.

Joy N. Francis
Excellent Tool!

Excellent tool kit for all Audit Committee Members for effective governance.

Charmaine Donovan, Board Director, Financial Services Regulatory Commission, Antigua & Barbuda
Would Recommend!

For myself having just joined the Audit Committee 3 months ago, I have gotten a better understanding of playing a better role in my position.

Sharon Been, Member of Audit Department, National Insurance Board, Turks & Caicos
Great Programme

I just recently began working as an internal auditor and while most areas covered I was fairly familiar with, some areas were new. I can definitely take this information back and attempt to help implement new ideas that will improve my company and professional career.

Shari Hall, Internal Auditor, The Bahamas Co-operative League, Bahamas
A Job Well Done

I came into this program with zero capability of the audit committee's role and function. In the end, I am better informed thanks to the clarity of the faculty and the emphasis on the importance of good governance and understanding our individual role in the entire process.

Randolph H. Best, Director, Financial Services Regulatory Commission, Antigua & Barbuda

3nd Annual Caribbean Corporate Governance Conference


I have attended two conferences with the Caribbean Governance Training Institute and I have never been disappointed. I have gained so much knowledge that I have taken back to my board. The presenters are high quality speakers who are renowned in their field. I look forward to future courses and do not intend to miss my future learning opportunities. Thank you for expanding my knowledge base.

Deborah akande Chairman, UHSA, Antigua

I find the presenters very engaging and extremely knowledgeable on the topics presented. The information is very applicable and I will definitely be a more effective director. Recommended for all directors and management teams.

Berthia Bethel, Director, DOWASCO, Dominica

The Chartered Director Program is an exceptional program for my personal development to becoming an effective and successful leader in my industry. The material to which I was exposed to was very informative and relevant which can be implemented within my company immediately.

Michael C. Mathius, Head of Finance, The Landings, St. Lucia

Every organization that is run by a Board of Directors must ensure that everyone on these Boards latch on to the idea of “Good Corporate Governance” CGTI presents this challenge through thought provoking presentations that are worth listening and adapting to.

Rosette Lawrence-Cuffy, Member of the Board of Directors, DOWASCO, Dominica

This is my second hot topics Conference and I believe every director and potential director should make an effort to attend next year. It is really two days of stimulating new ideas and thinking outside of the box for directors. Additionally the diversity of directors own background is great for new learning.

Devon J Charles, Director/CEO, Grenville Credit Union, Grenada

Thank you for influencing and affirming my position on the importance of good corporate governance culture

Yolanda I. Samuel, President, FACTS INC, Antigua

2nd Annual Caribbean Corporate Governance Conference

I attended this great conference

The topics discussed were not only relevant, but they were well presented. The speakers were knowledgeable and engaging. I would definitely recommend to others.

Daryll S. Matthew, Director The Antigua Commercial Bank
Great Job!

This 2 day training provided all the basic "what" and "how to" to run a successful board. I think all new directors should attend this training to be clear on their role and to be more effective. Great Job! This exposure makes me feel so much more confident to ask the right questions in board meetings without feeling stupid. Thank you!

Dr. Karen Gordon-Boyle, Director, Demerara Mutual Life Insurance, Guyana
Much Better Equipped to Serve on Boards

This session has given me a very good understanding of how boards should function/operate and how I should function on a board. It has also given me a better understanding of the role of boards and directors. I feel that I am now better equipped to serve on other boards.

Avery Jonas, Director, Antigua & Barbuda Social Security Board, Antigua & Barbuda
Exceeded My Expectations

The content and format of the presentation have exceeded my expectations. The information shared was relevant and on point with current issues. It was an invaluable learning experience for me

Joseph Sylvester, Deputy Chairman, Communal Cooperative Credit Union, Grenada
Wonderful Experience

A wonderful experience to be part of such a conference. it did not only makes one aware of the many skills which Directors should have to be effective in the boardroom but instill confidence in executing the important function of a director. Grateful to Caribbean Governance Training Institute for their foresight in leading in that direction.

Bently Royer, Board Director, Dominica Agricultural Industrial Development Bank, Dominica
Materials were relevant and current

The content of this program is quite appropriate for anyone who sits on a board of any organization. The materials presented are very current and relevant for today's business environment, especially in the environment where there is an increasing demand for oversight, governance and ethics.

Louis E. A. Lewis, Director of Tourism, St. Lucia Tourist Board, St. Lucia

1st Annual Caribbean Corporate Governance Conference

Great Conference

You will not appreciate what all needs to be done until you have experienced this conference.

Clarence Faulkner - British Virgin Islands Chairman - National Bank of the Virgin Islands
I was truly impressed

I was truly impressed with the quality of presenters in this program. Although they looked good on paper, the expertise and knowledge was clearly evident in their execution of duties. I would definitely recommend this program to other companies and look forward to participating in other programs of this calibre. I feel more competent and better equipped to perform my role.

Michelle M.C. Phillips - St. Lucia Director - National Insurance Corporation
Pleased to be a part of this conference

I am particularly pleased to be a part of this most enlightening conference. I've found it most interesting and helpful particularly at this time of our development as a region, and would recommend that each and every Director of management Boards be exposed to the wealth of information shared and delivered at this conference.

Erasto M Robertson - St. Vincent Director - Central Water & Sewerage Authority
Thought Provoking & Dynamic!

Thought provoking and dynamic and essential for reviewing/improving Corporate Governance in any organization. This program leaves one with deep satisfaction knowing that not only was one give food for thought but food to begin the change process.

Denise Charles BSC. MBA -Dominica Director - AID Bank
Overall Great Conference

Overall great conference. It was timely and insightful, educational and thought-provoking; the content was relevant and applicable. The presenters were most knowledgeable and openly shared their vast experiences. I would strongly recommend it to colleagues.

Tracey Bern-Roberts - Antigua General Counsel / Corporate Secretary - Eastern Caribbean Amalgamated Bank
Remarkable Conference

I have completed this remarkable conference with Caribbean Governance Training Institute and I have benefited in many areas. I have learned a lot including how to conduct an effective meeting.

Martin Charles - Dominica Chairman - AID Bank
A MUST attend by all Directors!

An eye opening, mind stimulating and role identifying session which, without, a doubt has changed my perspective as a Director. A MUST ATTEND BY ALL DIRECTORS AND PROSPECTIVE DIRECTORS

Leon LeBlanc - Dominica Director - AID Bank
I would certainly recommend this programme!

This programme has provided new and cutting edge ideas and information on corporate governance, board leadership and risk assessment which are critical to the survival of organizations and companies. CGTI has used world class facilitators with industry experience and expertise to impart this important knowledge and help build good governance capacity in the region. I would certainly recommend this programme

Larry Bardouille - Dominica Chairman of the Board - Dominica Water & Sewerage Co. Ltd.
Vital Information for any board member

Vital information for any board member. We need to pay attention to the basics if we want to be effective and worthy Board Directors and Chairs

Christine DaSilva - St. Vincent President - SVG Chamber of Industry & Commerce
Informative & Inspirational

Very informative and Inspirational. I look forward to inspiring others within our organization for the betterment of all

Andrew Barnard - St. Lucia Deputy Managing Director - Sunswept Resorts
All Board members need to be exposed to this

We live in an age when Corporate Governance is a vital part of doing business. However this is an area where sufficient emphasis has not bee placed. This conference addresses all the critical elements of Corporate Governance and leverages what happens globally to ensure the right perspective is brought to bear on the Caribbean reality. I highly recommend that all Board Members be exposed to this type of conference and recommend the content be developed into a full certification course.

Daune Williams - St. Kitts CEO - The National Bank Ltd.

CGTI's corporate governance expertise and ability to deliver the salient fundamentals that today's directors must embrace are exceptional.

Craig J. Walter - Antigua Chairman - Eastern Caribbean Amalgamated Bank
Program was well structured

Program was well structured and met the needs of varied sectors in attendance from the Caribbean region. Such programs are necessary in particular given the changing dynamics in economic environments and impact on institutions in the region. Governance practices and policies will assist in achieving the changes required to assist in corporate performance improvement. Good governance is the key to institution performance.

Esther Browne - Antigua Director - ECAB
9.99 rating on scale of 1 - 10

If I were asked to rate this program on a scale of 1-10 I would give it a 9.99. The 0.01 short of ten was due the fact that I missed the first session. I thought the presentations were excellent, well informed and were clear and practical. The information was beyond my expectations and I am delighted and pleased to have attended this conference. I think I am now more equipped to be a better director

Mervyn Laws - St. Kitts Director - National Bank
This program should be mandatory for all new directors

This program should be mandatory for all new directors. I guarantee that this program will make me significantly more effective in directing the strategic options of my institution.

Janice Daniel-Hodge - St. Kitts Director - The Bank of Nevis Ltd
Insightful experience

Participating in this conference has proven to be a very insightful experience. The sessions provided thorough coverage of pertinent subject matters, including the Board's Foundation and Charter, Competency Matrix with respect to the Ideal Board Composition, CEO/Board Relationship and Performance Evaluations, Execution of Strategic Initiatives and Risk Oversight, all of which are critical to adhering to the highest levels of sound corporate governance.

Joy N. Francis - British Virgin Islands CEO & Executive Director - National Bank of the Virgin Islands
Exceeded my expectations

The conference exceeded my expectations. It addressed many gaps in my knowledge, some of which I was unaware. It reflected the quality of the presenters on the topic of corporate governance.

Errol Allen - Turks & Caicos Chairman of the Board - Financial Services Commission
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